The LUCIUS SPLITTER creates a convenient and flexible way for gardeners to use one LUCIUS Ballast to power two lamps. With two lamp outputs and one ballast input; the LUCIUS SPLITTER divides power from a single 630W, 800W or 1000W LUCIUS Ballast, between two lamps. With no extra assembly required, the LUCIUS SPLITTER is an effortless addition to any grow room set up. The LUCIUS SPLITTER is a cost effective solution for growers looking to increase the number of lamps used in their grow rooms.


AU – M1660

EU – M1651

US – M1652

The Lucius Splitter can be used to provide power from one ballast to two lamps. The components this splitter can be used with are the following:

  • 2 x 315 CMH lamps to a 630W LUCIUS Ballast
  • 2 x 400W HPS/MH lamps to a 800W LUCIUS Ballast
  • 2 x 600W HPS/MH lamps to a 1000W LUCIUS Ballast