Frequently Asked Questions

What is the operating ambient temperature of a Lucius ballast?

The ballast can work in the ambient temperature of -20 to +40oC however, the optimum ambient temperature for the ballast is +10 to +25oC.

What is the voltage range of a Lucius ballast?

USA models: 195~265V or 110~265V
AU/NZ, UK, EU, model: 195~265V

What is the current rating of a Lucius ballast?

400W: 2A @ 240V and 4A @ 120V
600W: 3A @ 240V and 6A @ 120V
800W: 4A @ 240V and 8A @ 120V
1000W: 5A @ 240V and 10A @ 120V

What is the Lucius ballast’s efficiency?

Recom: 97%
Maximus: 95%

Whats the maximum voltage the Lucius ballast can work with?

Our 240V ballasts can work under the overvoltage of the network up to 275V.

Does the Lucius ballast have soft start?

Yes all Lucius ballast are equipped with soft start. Therefore the starting current is less than the operating current.

Does the Lucius ballast have ignition delay?

Yes all Lucius ballast have ignition delay. This delay is randomly set between 0 to 6 second.

Why is the LED indicator blinking on the ballast?

When the Lucius ballast senses a fault it goes into protection mode and LED indicator will keep blinking until it is resolved. Refer to the manual instruction for further information.

Does the Lucius ballast have certification?

Yes they have FCC, CSA , RCM & CE certification

Are the Lucius ballast controllable by a controller?

Recom: Yes
Maximus: No

What lamps are compatible with the 1000W Lucius Recom ballast?

HPS 1000W, HPS DE 1000W/400V, MH 1000W

What lamps are compatible with the 800W Lucius Recom ballast?

HPS DE 800W/400V

What lamps are compatible with the 600W Lucius Recom ballast?

HPS 600W, HPS 600W/400V, HPS DE 600W/400V, MH 600W

Which lamps works best with the Lucius ballast?

Philips lamps are the best choice to be used with the Lucius ballast. Indoor Sun are also a great option after Philips.

Can I use a 600W HPS standard lamp to the 600W HV Recom ballast?

Yes, you can connect any HPS or MH 600W lamp to the Recom ballast. However, HV lamps are recommended for the best results.

Can I connect a 600W HV lamp to a 600W Maximus ballast?

No, Maximus ballasts are design to suit the standard LV lamps only.

What is the difference between focal & broad reflector?

Best choice for the professional gardeners
Focal light concentration
Highest average affective light
Increased light penetration deep into plant canopy
Ideal for high ceiling

Low ceiling preferred option
Hang closer to the plant canopy
Low bay / Wide spread
Vented reflector design helps reduce heat over your garden

What is the efficiency or power loss of Lucius ballasts?

The efficiency are within these ranges depending on the ballast class level.
• Low frequency square wave RECOM & MAXIMUS: 92 to 93%
• High frequency low voltage MAXIMUS400/600W: 94 to 95%
• High frequency high voltage MAXIMUS 1000W: 94 to 95%
• Ultra high frequency high voltage RECOM 600/630/800/1000W: 96 to 97%

Which lamps are compatible with each ballast?

• Low frequency square wave : CMH lamps
• High frequency low voltage: standard low voltage HPS/MH lamps
• High frequency High voltage: only 1000W HPS/MH lamps
• Ultra high frequency high voltage: high voltage HPS/MH lamps

Does the Lucius ballast interfere with radio frequency?

Our ballasts and any ballast with RCM/FCC/ETL certificate does not have any interference problems.

However, there are a lot of ballast with the fake certificate in the market. You can have verify this by quick test. Take a radio, tune it on to an AM channel and turn the volume up. Turn the ballast on and bring the radio within 1 metre of the ballast. If you hear interference on the radio channel, then the ballast would not meet the EMI standards (Electro Magnetic Interference)