The Lucius Recom Digital Ballast range has set the benchmark for digital ballast technology, in particular the Lucius Recom CMH 315W Ballast is the cultivator’s solution for an efficient and powerful ballast. As a result of extensive research and development, the Lucius Recom CMH 315W Ballast is specifically tailored to effectively provide and maintain optimum levels of voltage while ensuring that efficiency remains high with an impressive 93% peak efficiency rating.



  • Efficiency of 93% (Most efficient CMH ballast on the market)
  • Intelligent Time Delay Technology
  • Smart LED Status
  • 2.4M Input cable cable
  • Control Knob (OFF, 315W and LMC)
  • Circuit Protection (Over-voltage, Under-voltage, Short Circuit, Open Circuit, Over-Temperature and End of lamp life)
  • Compatible with the Lucius Light Management Controller (LMC)
  • Compatible with all 315W CMH/QMH Lamps



Complies with international standard IEC and meets EMI / EMS requirements.