Lucius ReCom CMH DE 630W Kits are designed to efficiently and effectively provide optimum levels of horticultural light.

Lucius ReCom CMH DE 630W Kit uses the latest Lucius Universal Ballast that operates all ranges of High Intensity Discharge {HID) Lamps, Double Ended High Voltage {DE, HV/400V), Ceramic Metal-Halide {CMH), High Pressure Sodium {HPS) and Metal-Halide {MH) lamps. Refer to the ‘Ballast Specification > Compatible Lamps’ section for further details.

All Lucius ReCom Kits can be controlled manually via the control knob or by the Lucius Light Management Controller {LMC).

Dimming function for up to 200 Lucius Ballast, ON or OFF ballast timing on multiple zones is all controlled remotely with one LMC. The Lucius Light Management Controller is sold separately and includes many features described in the Lucius Light Management Controller instruction manual.

The Lucius ReCom Universal Ballast is equipped with safety features that protect against overloading, short circuit, over temperature, over and under voltage protection and more. With a peak efficiency of 97% the Lucius ReCom Universal 630W Ballast is the most efficient and powerful HV Ballast on the market. It complies with international standard IEC and meets EMI/EMS requirements.

The Lucius ReCom Kit comes pre assembled, tested and approved by internal and external QC departments.

Lucius ReCom products are the ideal option for Remote or Combo application and compatible with all other reflectors and ballast.

All options are interchangeable with a smart locking system and without tools.

Lucius Reflectors use the new MAG-ATTACH system, fixing and releases reflectors with ease. Using a magnetic field with built-in thermal insulators to reduce the heat transfer into the ballast and increasing life span of equipment. This prevents the fixture acting like a heat sink and decreasing the bulbs burning temperature. This allows the ceramic arc tube to burn brighter, producing greater light output and efficiency.


  • Lucius Recom CMH Universal 630W Ballast, Recom DE Fixture Bracket, Reflector, CMH 630W DE PRO HV Lamp
  • Efficiency of 97%: making it the most efficient HV ballast on the market
  • Can be operated with a range of Lamps including: HID, HPS, MH and CMH
  • Can be controlled by Lucius Light Management controller (LMC) or manually with the control knob
  • Dimming function for up to 200 Lucius Ballast
  • Range of installation options for a variety of applications; including Vertical and horizontal ballast orientations.All options are interchangeable with a smart locking system and without tools
  • Reflector uses MAG-ATTACH system fixing and releasing reflectors from the fixture with ease